IT Services

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IT Services

We are skilled, authorized, and accredited managed service provider (MSP), Alpha net provides IT services to the healthcare sector.

Our Managed IT services preserve your infrastructure and data while preventing significant outages that may be detrimental to your healthcare organisation. Some of Managed Services Programs are:

Managed IT Services

Data Storage and Recovery

You can have access to the best data backup solutions right here at the Alpha net. A hybrid backup is an option, as well as offline and online alternatives. Data will be fully secured and will follow the required compliances.

Emergency Recovery

We collaborate with each of our healthcare clients to develop a disaster recovery strategy tailored to their specific requirements, and we can do the same for your company. If your computers or other technologies unexpectedly crash, our systems swiftly recover them.

IT Help Desk

We respond to most IT issues in quick time and are available around the clock. We can provide onsite support that cannot fix the problem remotely.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Our IT professionals handle your IT solutions remotely using remote monitoring and administration.

Streamlined Processes

We partner with you to improve the patient experience while increasing efficiency, reducing complexity, and automating essential operations.

Vendor management system

Our vendor management systems (VMS) manage the hiring of nursing, allied, locum, and non-clinical workers, as well as administrative responsibilities, including staffing schedules and billing.

Network of Vendors

access to the country’s most extensive and varied network of healthcare professionals. Additionally, we value diversity in our supplier base.

Internet Security Options

To safeguard your healthcare institution against cyber-attacks, system outages, and other occurrences that can interfere with the regular operation of your IT infrastructure, Alpha Net offers network security solutions. We provide a variety of security measures and tailor our services to your particular organizational requirements.

At Alpha Net, we have experience helping healthcare institutions with their IT requirements. If you're looking for Managed Services provider, get in touch with us right now to talk about your requirements and how we can help.